Deepen Your Mindfulness With This One Technique

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days.

From to Google – it’s being talked about everywhere. Even the British Parliament starts its meetings off with a dose of mindfulness now.

And for good reason.

This NYTimes article published in 2014 recognizes the benefit of mindfulness in everyday life. From helping curb “impulse purchases”, to sticking with your plans and goals, it can help make the decisions we make everyday better. Over time, that’s a lot of benefit!

Mindfulness isn’t just for people seeking enlightenment anymore. It’s the new buzz word. And it’s here to stay.

So what’s the best way to deepen your mindfulness practice?

There are a LOT of ways to do it.

  • Yoga (which is over 5,000 years old)
  • Qi Gong (a similarly ancient Chinese practice)
  • Meditation (with thousands of styles available online)
  • Even everyday activities like journaling, taking an improv class, and cooking can be made into mindfulness practices

But here at The Universe Series, our absolute favorite technique is the “5-Minute Meditation” which uses 7-7-7 breathing.

Using it, you’ll discover that stress, anxiety, and frustration melt away. Replaced with more consciousness. And more mindfulness.

It’s simpler than it sounds (even if you’ve never meditated before!)

Click on the video below and start now.


[vc_video link=”” ratio=”16-9″]

And if you’re worried about never having meditated before, don’t be!

This meditation technique was created to be simple to start. Taught by Monica Ortiz, wellness teacher of over 20 years, it’s a technique that will grow with you. That means it’s simple to start, and will still be useful once you’ve grown in your practice.

Remember, the best way to deepen your mindfulness practice is to start it. So get started now and click on the video above!

Yours in Mindfulness,

Andrew Dao