Relationship Matters

Relationships are a big part of our life and while we want to reap all of their benefits, most of us don’t put the right kind of energy into them to ensure their success. I host a radio show on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month called Universe Talks with Monica Ortiz. On Monday, October 20, 2014 the show was titled “Attracting Your Dream Guy or Girl by Changing Your Energy.” This show was incredibly special for me because two guests who I have been working with, Andrew and Sophia, agreed to speak publicly, openly, and honestly about the problems they had and how they overcame them.


I have coached quite a few couples in addition to single men and women who wanted to have a great relationship who are now very happy and thriving in their relationships. Andrew and Sophia are one of these couples. Their relationship was strained when they met me but they felt as though they had a lot of love to give and share with each other. They didn’t want to throw in the towel just yet and wanted to see if they could make their relationship work.


One of the first things I taught them was that they each had to become a stronger individual in order to be a great partner.


It is a simple equation but not the one you have been taught.


You see, in mathematics a half and a half equals a whole. We all speak of and some of us even dream of finding our soul mates and we are taught that our soul mate is the other half of us. And when we meet them, they will merge with us and fulfill us so deeply that we will then become a whole person.


Again, only in mathematics does a half and a half equal a whole. In life, a whole person and a whole person equals a whole relationship, and the bonus of being two whole happy people will equal a happy relationship.


This is what I taught Andrew and Sophia. You see love is beautiful and being in love can be beautiful but knowing how to cherish and respect that love is beautiful and amazing. A big part of that is you knowing who you are. On the show, the two of them were very honest about their issues and faults. They learned to be accountable for the actions that created difficulty in the relationship and were willing to work on them.


Andrew and Sophia both spoke about what tools they learned were necessary to change their relationship into something very healthy. They spoke about how they utilized these tools to move their relationship towards a more beneficial direction for them. They explained how they became more comfortable with themselves and with each other.


The title of this show was “Attracting Your Dream Guy or Girl by Changing Your Energy” and that was exactly what Andrew and Sophia did. They worked to understand themselves and their perspectives on things. They learned tools they used with themselves and each other to productively work on their relationship. They became better individuals and therefore gave themselves the opportunity to become a better couple. The animosity between them has dissipated and love continues to grow.


It wasn’t easy and they haven’t given up. I hope they will continue on their path to Learn, Grow, and Evolve and that their future remains bright.


In closing every show, I always leave listeners with a thought. That night it was this: “We all know relationships take work. Make the work count by doing the right things to build a solid foundation. Once a solid foundation is built you need maintenance that involves mutual love, care, communication, respect, and the willingness to evolve.”


There are lots of things to learn to have a successful relationship. Being open to the learning is your first key!


If you would like to listen to the show I am referring to in this article, click here.


Peace and Love to the Universe!