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About Universe 101: Learn, Grow, Evolve

Discover the Universal Principles Behind Creating a Life Full of Happiness, Success, and Great Relationships

Every life experience, whether a setback or an achievement, has a purpose for your healing, spiritual growth, and evolution. Within Universe 101: Learn, Grow, Evolve, author Monica Ortiz breaks down the Universal Principles at work behind life’s lessons and shows you how to turn your experiences into keys for unlocking a better life. You will discover foundational principles, such as what your core is and how embracing it will lead you to greater success in all aspects of your life. These valuable life tools will help you pinpoint the roots of current issues that have created obstacles in your life. The true life stories of personal transformation and millennia old wisdom within this book will help you open the door to your best health and build a life of true happiness and lasting fulfillment.

Universe 101: Learn, Grow, Evolve will show you how to...

About Monica ortiz

Monica Ortiz is a successful author, public speaker, and life coach whose proven techniques and tools have helped to improve thousands of lives over her 20-year career.

Her first book, Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve, debuted to critical acclaim and has received over 100 five-star reviews and countless accolades. Her useful life tools and teaching methods have helped people from many walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs achieve incredible success in both their careers and personal lives including: professional athletes, Olympic hopefuls, Fortune 500 executives, mothers, fathers, and students. Monica regularly accepts speaking invitations at some of the world’s top institutions and venues such as Stanford University and nationwide leadership conventions, speaking on topics ranging from Career Success, Relationship Success, and Shifting Your Energy to Change Your Reality. As the founder of The Universe Series and Exceptional Life Institute, Monica continues to teach amazing life tools to millions of people around the globe in the form of: in-person courses, online lectures, published books, a weekly newsletter, and more.

Monica Ortiz
Monica Ortiz

Author & Life Coach

20 years of experience helping people find happiness and fullfilment

Monica's Wisdom

Get to know Monica and more of her teachings by visiting the Wisdom Blog.

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It was years ago now, but here is the story of how the Lotus Flower came into my life.  I had just finished working with a client of mine and stepped outside to pray and meditate.  I often do this after a challenging session, but looked forward to it this time as I myself had […]

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The Quick Fix

Maneuvering through life is as difficult or as easy as your perception makes it. Your life is as grand or insignificant as it relates to your perception. Happiness is always within your grasp if you resolve yourself to it. What about making your reality as simple as waking up happy and healthy every day of […]

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If I Can Do It… So Can You!

We have all experienced the daunting feeling of setting out to accomplish our life’s goals. The moment we have that first flash of genius it all seems possible, realistic, and reachable. Then reality sets in and we remember who we are and where we’re at in our lives. We begin to doubt our ability to […]

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