Universe 101 Learn Grow Evolve Workbook mp3 only

Universe 101: Learn, Grow, Evolve (Workbook + mp3 only)


Estimated delivery date: mid-2014

You will receive access to 24 lectures, with two released each month in order to deepen your knowledge of the Universal Principles covered in Universe 101. This lecture series is a companion series to the book Universe 101.

Although each life is unique, suffering and growth have patterns that can be observed and unlocked for healing and spiritual growth. Monica Ortiz, an experienced and accomplished spiritual guide, gives you the keys to health and happiness in Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve, a hands-on tool with simple steps that you can use on your path to spiritual growth. You will discover what the Universe wants for you and from you, as well as learning to identify obstacles that keep you stuck without your even being aware of them. You’ll learn about basic principles of the Universe, such as what your Core is and how to stay connected to it, and what spiritual baggage is and how it can hold you back. As you read, you will learn how important the connection of mind, body, and spirit really is – and how important it is to understand yourself in order to relate deeply, honestly, and lovingly to others. Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve will show you how to realign yourself, understand positive ways of thinking, and stop tripping yourself up with negativity. You will find out how to learn from past mistakes and let them go, so that you no longer identify with them. Choose to take these keys of wisdom and open the door to health, happiness, and fulfillment!

Estimated delivery date: February 2016

This workbook and mp3 series is a self-study course that helps expand upon the principles introduced in Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve. It is highly recommended you purchase and read Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve in addition to this self-study course.