The Quick Fix


Maneuvering through life is as difficult or as easy as your perception makes it. Your life is as grand or insignificant as it relates to your perception. Happiness is always within your grasp if you resolve yourself to it. What about making your reality as simple as waking up happy and healthy every day of your life and looking forward to what your day has in store for you. Waking up excited about the adventure you’re about to embark on. The adventure of creating, building, inspiring, teaching, learning, growing, and evolving into the best person you can be is completely up to you. Choices are part of your daily life, no one can take them from you, and no one can limit them except you and your perception.


Don’t just go for the quick fix, always find and apply the long term solution so you can live the happiest, healthiest life you were meant to live.


Throughout the years, when I’ve done readings or life coaching for people who have come to me for help, more times than not, people look for me to tell them the best of what is going to happen in their future or discuss a current problem they are having. They don’t look for the long term solution to the problems that are coming into their life, they look for what will fix that immediate problem then and there. For every reading or during a life coaching session, when I see specific problems that are recurring problems, I attempt to help the person understand what is happening, why it is happening, and give them a tool to assist them in successfully conquering that particular issue.


When we know how to solve our problems for the long term, that is Learn Grow Evolve. Thus, every time that issue comes up, you know how to handle it in stride in a positive, productive, and successful way. The quick fix only relieves the problem in the short term. The guarantee with the quick fix is that the problem will return and you will have to work through it over and over again. More times than not, when a problem is recurring, it is there to teach you a lesson, to give you life skills so that you can continue down your path of evolution. Think of it as the Universe saying “Hey, here is an understanding or a skill you need to evolve. I am about to send you something that will benefit you but you need to learn this first.” As human beings, aren’t we meant to progress forward and evolve? Aren’t we supposed to learn from all the generations passed? Doesn’t evolution happen when we have come to an understanding of something, learn from it, and are able to identify and progress forward handling it with ease. Embrace your evolution and always seek the long term solution. Live your life with the Learn Grow Evolve principles.


Learn Grow Evolve Principles:
Learn from your mistakes. Do not beat yourself up for making them. Understand you are human and sometimes make an occasional error in judgment.


Grow from your learning. Understand completely what caused you to make the mistake and what tools you need so as not to make the same errors repeatedly.


Evolve in yourself. Move forward from your mistake with the knowledge of how you can solve the issue successfully and keeping that tool in your tool belt so when the issue arises again, you can easily identify it, solve it, and continue to move forward in your life and your evolution.


Your evolution can lead you to true health, happiness, success, and fulfillment in your life.


Peace and Love to the Universe!!!

2 thoughts on “The Quick Fix

  • Leslie Leccearone - Kettle

    Beautiful and inspirational words to live by. The picture interest me as well. While I was hiking in Palm Springs, out in the middle of nowhere I see rocks piled up like this in the picture. What is the meaning or significances in this? Peace and love to the universe. Leslie

  • Monica Ortiz

    Leslie, thank you for reading The Quick Fix and for your comment.

    There are many meanings to a pile of rocks. Some say that it is intended to mark a path or territory, while some say it is a sign of balance.
    I think the meaning put into the pile of rocks belongs to the builder.

    Have a beautiful rest of your day!

    Peace and Love to the Universe!

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